Peter S. Reed

Very honored and thankful to have been nominated and selected to receive a grant from the Peter S. Reed Foundation.  I think I'll use the funds for a winter trip to Vorkuta, where I will shoot a reindeer race through the town and try not to freeze to death. 


If you're going to be in Northern Ireland at the end of July, please stop by Void Gallery and see A Many-Splintered Thing.  This exhibit on different kinds of love will have work by four photographers:  Bieke Depoorter, Jana Romanova, Irina Popova and myself.  Three of us will also be at the opening on July 18th.  Come say hello.

New Website

You may have noticed the new website design.  I've decided to make a move to Square Space, thanks to podcast/subway propaganda and a general antipathy toward html.  Please forgive the imperfections as I finesse this thing for the next few weeks.